Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Drew my mom for the first time it was fun going back into drawing with black and white charcoal. i've really missed the way the charcoal feels on this kind of paper. Its canson ingres steel gray. Just Generals Charcoal. on an 18x24" paper and the pose was for 1:45 min.

Heres a drawing i did a week prior of my little sister in about 25 min. Same kind of paper as the one above as well


  1. dang in 25min. i probably would have got a line with a downward v and a circle kinda looks like this O->-< (tilt head sideways left) (a stick figure waving his arms) in 25min.

  2. Beautiful portraits, both of them. And that look on your moms face is just great!

  3. andrew anyone can draw! just takes practice!

    thanks adam!