Monday, December 12, 2011

Some recent work

I havent posted anything in a while but happy to finally get a chance to put some recent work up! i hope you enjoy and any feed back is greatly appreciated!
This painting i struggled with alot and for the fist two hours i had a pretty decent painting rendered and then felt it was just off and not very representational of what i saw in front of me. So i erased it and moved my position and this was the result of the last two and half hours.

 Portrait of Rebecca (2011) Oil on Panel
Color Study (2011)

Detail of a work in progress (2011) this is a painting that im looking forward to doing on a much larger scale but just taking a different approach with it and in the future will really get in some detail.

Portrait of bust of Kristin (2011) Hydrocal
this is one of the largest sculptures I've done so far and am very proud and excited to continue with sculpture! 

(2011) Untitle sketch i did one night while bored.